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Toyota GR Supra Gets a Manual Gearbox

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Toyota GR Supra Gets a Manual Gearbox

Toyota has introduced the A91-MT limited edition GR Supra with a manual gearbox, featuring Stratosphere Blue paint color and 19" wheels.

The GR Supra feels agile around town with its light steering and tight turning circle, as well as its standard adaptive suspension's Comfort setting that absorbs bumps without straining comfort levels. Meanwhile, driver aids such as lane departure warning and road sign recognition help ease long motorway drives.

GR Supra

The GR Supra is an unapologetic two-seater designed to take corners head on. With its rear-wheel drive platform, low center of gravity and perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution delivering race-bred agility; combined with its lightning fast 0-60 time of just 4.7 seconds you will feel exhilaration as tires fly across pavement while finding that perfect driving line.

Utilizing the full potential of the GR Supra is effortless thanks to high-performance features designed to make it a joy to drive, whether on an exhilarating track or simply driving it along your favorite roads. A tuned exhaust helps unleash all its horsepower for an aesthetic yet throaty soundtrack.

All GR Supra models feature active rear differential for exceptional handling. This sophisticated system continuously adapts the amount of torque split amongst the rear wheels depending on conditions and driving style, giving you confidence-inspiring performance. All models also come equipped with an automatic transmission for smooth operation and maximum stability.

The GR Supra is designed with drivers in mind. Equipped with a premium audio system that delivers concert-grade sound quality and compatible with Apple CarPlay(r), its advanced smartphone-control features allow you to easily connect an iPhone(r)7 and control all of your favorite apps with just a tap on the screen - including navigation services, answering calls/messaging features, music playlist management and much more - while keeping both hands firmly on the wheel and eyes focused on the road ahead.

At GR Supra, our cutting-edge technology aims to offer you the perfect combination of comfort and performance. Dual-zone automatic climate control keeps temperatures just right while integrated navigation with traffic alerts and live streaming via Amazon AlexaTM7 can keep you on the right path. Finally, wireless charging makes sure that you won't miss any moment of excitement or adventure during your journey.

If you want to go the extra mile with connectivity, a 425-watt JBL stereo upgrade with 12 speakers and Siri voice commands is now available on all 2024 GR Supra models. Furthermore, to satisfy purists among us a manual gearbox upgrade can also be installed without incurring extra costs on the 3.0 Premium model.

The BMW-derived GR Supra's fastback design makes its BMW roots abundantly clear, but that doesn't equate to just another sports car. Equipped with an exceptionally powerful turbocharged 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder engine and agile handling characteristics, this vehicle stands up well against rivals such as Porsche Cayman and Chevrolet Corvette at much more reasonable costs.

Once it was unveiled, the GR Supra quickly established itself as a purebred sports car worthy of being driven by any driver in the world. And its reputation remains unchanged to this day with an outstanding 0-60 time and plenty of tech that allows drivers to experience every twist and turn along their path to victory - not that getting there itself makes driving one any less rewarding! But just getting there is only half of its magic; getting behind the wheel becomes truly special experience that should not be missed out on!