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The Most Expensive Automobile in the World

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The Most Expensive Automobile in the World - 

The world's most expensive automobile boasts both stunning design and performance features as well as an incredible history. These rare automobiles make excellent investments that may appreciate in value over time with proper care and maintenance.

The top-of-the-line car is the Bugatti Chiron, an ultramodern yet timeless design.

1. Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Bugatti cars can be expensive. A basic Chiron starts at $3 million, with options and extras costing an additional six figures. But French automaker has set a record in price and exclusivity with the one-off La Voiture Noire selling for an eye-watering $19.1 million including taxes; making it the most expensive car ever sold!

This Chiron in its blacked-out form pays homage to the Type 57SC Atlantics from the 1930s - cars widely considered among the most iconic vehicles ever. Additionally, this car celebrates 110th anniversary of brand and pays a nod to Jean Bugatti (son of Ettore), who first drove "La Voiture Noire" (The Black Car).

From concept to production, the one-of-a-kind vehicle required more than two years due to rigorous tests. For instance, thousands of gallons of water had to be blasted into it to ensure watertightness; additionally, over 65,000 engineering hours went into its creation - but the end product is nothing short of breathtaking.

The black carbon fiber body of this car features an unconventional matte finish with zero reflections to achieve an uninterrupted visual silhouette. A longer wheelbase lends greater road presence while custom front and rear bumpers complete its design.

Interior features of a Veyron are similar to that of a regular Chiron, including four turbochargers that help it hit an incredible top speed of 261 mph and its 16-cylinder, 4,400-horsepower engine that drives it.

While the identity of its new owner remains unknown, Bugatti has confirmed that someone with strong emotional ties to the brand and substantial resources purchased La Voiture Noire - suggesting it might belong to a wealthy motoring enthusiast.

2. Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Rolls-Royce has long been associated with luxury and comfort. But there's more to its brand than that; one lesser-known technique used by Rolls-Royce is coachbuilding; this process customises cars specifically to the owner's preferences and desires. That technique has recently been revived with their Boat Tail one-off vehicle which is expected to cost in excess of $30 Million!

Rolls-Royce unveiled their Boat Tail in 2017, as an update to their stunning Sweptail design from 2017. Intended to meet one incredibly wealthy client's unique tastes and requirements, the Boat Tail features an innovative take on traditional rear decks on early Rolls-Royce cars with white and bronze mica flakes subtly changing color with lighting conditions - an eye-catching take indeed! Specifically tailored to one client whose identity remains confidential but who owns an impressive art collection and modern and classic cars stored at a private museum as well as being an avid pearl collector - hence its unique finish design using four of his pearl shells which allowed Rolls-Royce to develop its most complex ever color process ever - creating its unique finish on four of his pearl shells which created its unique finish of deep oyster-rose shade combined with white-bronze mica flake subtly changing in different light conditions resulting in deep oyster-rose shaded car that gives off subtle changes of hue under different lighting conditions.

Contrasting with most Rolls-Royce cars' stainless-steel Pantheon grilles, this one has been made out of aluminum milled from one block and painted matte cognac for an almost invisible appearance on the hood and bumper. This allows the exterior to focus on its dramatic rear deck design as well as the hand-painted Azur blue roof which can be raised or lowered depending on weather conditions.

Interior features include hand-selected Royal Walnut panels and an inviting hosting suite equipped with Christofle crockery, refrigerator, and more. But perhaps its most striking element are the 21-inch tires; Rolls-Royce has never before done something so unique on a production car! Goodyear tires feature a unique ring of white around their sidewall - something Rolls-Royce says has never happened before on their production cars.

Rolls-Royce plans on creating three of these Yacht Tails, although details about them have yet to be released. Judging from what was shown at its debut event, they should all be just as luxurious and extravagant as this first model. For more information about this luxurious vehicle visit their official website.

3. Ferrari 250 GTO S/N 4153GT

Few cars can match the incredible luxury and exclusivity of the Ferrari 250 GTO when it comes to luxurious and exclusive automotive ownership. Boasting chassis number 4153GT and costing more than many of the world's most costly homes, its price tag rivals some of these homes. Yet this car stands apart as more than simply road going machinery; rather it stands as a work of art which transcends its cash value value alone.

WeatherTech purchased the rare Ferrari for its racing history alone: competing at Le Mans and Tour de France ten-day races in 1963 and finishing fourth and third respectively. Along with this impressive racing pedigree is its beauty: silver paint is accented by yellow stripes to pay homage to Ecurie Francorchamps and Equipe National Belge teams it drove for during its early competition years in Belgium.

The Unique and Beautiful Design of this Car helps make it one of the Most Valuable Vehicles Worldwide

Rolls-Royce Coachbuild's designer Gordon Murray amplified its status as an expensive automobile by equipping it with a Formula 1-derived V-12 engine capable of producing over 1,500 horsepower - further adding to its status. Billionaires who wish to leave an indelible mark wherever they travel will likely opt for this iconic ride.

If you want more details on this iconic car, Porter Press offers an exquisitely illustrated book called Ferrari 250 GTO: The Autobiography of 4153 GT. It includes period photos of its journey from its debut at Le Mans in 1963 through various European competitions between 1964 and 1965.

4. Mercedes-Benz W196

After two decades away from Grand Prix racing, Mercedes-Benz made a triumphant return with their W196 streamlined racer in 1954 and exceeded all expectations from spectators and competitors alike. On its inaugural race day at Reims-Gueux circuit in France on 4 July 1954, Argentinian driver Juan Manuel Fangio and teammate Karl Kling won first and second respectively - signalling other manufacturers that Mercedes had returned.

The W196 became one of the most dominant race cars of its era, winning nine out of twelve Grand Prix races entered over 14 months and both World Championships it competed in over that timeframe. It also introduced advanced technologies into F1, such as independent suspension, tubular spaceframe design and inboard mounted brakes which enabled its drivers to dominate their competitors.

W196 was the inaugural Formula 1 car to use Daimler-Benz's mechanical direct fuel injection (MPI) with desmodromic valves, as well as its V12 engine from Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter planes during World War II - known as DB 601. Additionally, this car featured Mercedes-Benz's now famous tubular spaceframe design with central cockpit and inboard-mounted brakes - both firsts at that time.

The Mercedes-Benz W196 was also one of the first open wheel racers to use a fully enclosed headlight system, increasing both visibility and safety while improving ride and handling characteristics. Furthermore, pneumatic tires were installed which further increased both ride comfort and performance.

No wonder the W196 is widely considered one of the most beautiful and iconic motor cars ever created - its timeless beauty stands as testament to German engineering prowess and artistry.

As global wealth increases, so will demand for luxurious cars like this Mercedes-Benz W196. And as these automobiles become even more accessible worldwide, prices will likely continue to soar.

Bonhams has confirmed that this car fetched an auction sale price of $29.6 million, shattering the previous record set last summer when a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO built for Sir Stirling Moss sold for $35 million at auction.

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