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The Ford Mustang GTB Is a Head-Turning Pony Car That's Capable Enough For Long Drives

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The Ford Mustang GTB Is a Head-Turning Pony Car That's Capable Enough For Long Drives

Mustang GTB was designed to be both an eye-catching pony car and capable enough for long drives. Its standard non-adjustable suspension strikes an appropriate balance between ride comfort and body control.

Even on rough roads, it easily absorbs bumps and undulations with relative ease. Furthermore, its optional MagneRide adjustable suspension offers firmer settings to satisfy enthusiasts without compromising ride quality.


The Mustang is an iconic American muscle car, and Ford's seventh-generation version has come a long way since its initial introduction. Still a great choice for drivers seeking affordable American performance, but now faces stiffer competition from cars like the Toyota Supra, BMW Z4 and Nissan 370Z - and as such Ford added several driver assistance features to bolster power and performance capabilities of its flagship GT model.

The base 315 horsepower EcoBoost four-cylinder offers impressive amounts of grunt. Matched to an automatic transmission, its acceleration and passing power make for quick passing power and rapid acceleration. Manual gearbox enthusiasts may prefer the Mustang GTB over its automatic counterpart; V8 power comes through via its GT variant and 500-horsepower Dark Horse performance variant for even greater firepower.

Our tester was equipped with the optional Performance Pack, featuring thicker bracing and chassis tuning, Pirelli P-Zero summer tires, a 3.73 rear axle ratio, Brembo brakes and an electric handbrake (known as drift brake). Ford also included its adaptive cruise control system to provide a buffer zone ahead of vehicles merging into traffic while keeping pace with any leading vehicle smoothly matching. Multimatic's Adaptive Spool Valve dampers also added versatility; their electric motor selects between 16 different damping responses for each driving mode setting.

Both of the GTB's brakes and suspension are an absolute joy to use. Brembo's six-piston front and four-piston rear aluminum disc calipers boast six-piston front and four-piston rear aluminum disc calipers are equipped with six pistons in front, four pistons in rear that clamp onto massive 15.4-inch front rotors; pedal feel is exceptional, offering good pressure, natural feel that never grabs under hard stops; close gate manual shifter makes rowing gears effortless; close gated manual shifter makes gear shifting an enjoyable task.

For maximum horsepower output from your Mustang's 480 horses, premium fuel should be used. Your car's computer will detect its octane level and make adjustments accordingly; regular gas will reduce output by 20-40 horsepower.


The Mustang GT is an exceptional vehicle designed to deliver adrenaline-pumping power and comfort, and while its fuel efficiency may not match that of other vehicles on the market, its exciting driving experience and impressive performance set it apart from its competition.

Ford Mustang is an iconic American car, and its seventh-generation version recently made headlines for being packed with upgrades. Buyers now have an all-new interior option featuring an all-digital instrument panel and 13.2-inch infotainment display, along with multiple configurations of its digital dashboard that provides more information than previous iterations of this iconic American vehicle.

Buyers of the Mustang will also enjoy new features such as a rearview camera, more powerful engine options and an updated exterior design featuring larger wheels and an enhanced muscular appearance. In 2024 Atlas Blue color takes inspiration from the world's tallest mountains; making an eye-catching statement. Pair this bold hue with its new Bronze Appearance Package to complete the package perfectly!

There will be special editions of the Mustang GT available, such as a limited-production Boss 302 and track-oriented Dark Horse models. The latter model aims to fill a gap between Mustang GT350 models and now-discontinued Shelby Cobra ones; its handling enhancements include thicker crash pads, upgraded rear wings and rocker panel racing stripes inspired by its legendary predecessors such as GT40s.

Car and Driver has performed rigorous tests on the latest edition of the Ford Mustang GT coupe, discovering it can accelerate from zero to 60 in just 6.1 seconds and run a quarter mile in 14.9. These are astounding figures for any vehicle of this class, and showcase its capability for providing an exhilarating driving experience on both roads and racetracks alike.

If you want to add style and functionality to your Mustang GT, Katzkin custom leather seats may be just what's needed to transform its interior. Offering hundreds of options with professional installation at an affordable price tag, Katzkin makes creating luxurious interiors easy!


Comfort-wise, the Mustang is an ideal two-seat sports car choice. Its front seats provide ample support, and the cockpit remains relatively silent. While rear seating may be cramped for adults, these can still be useful as short trips or for storage of luggage. Plus it boasts ample trunk space compared with similar coupe models - particularly when convertible top is down!

The Mustang's infotainment system is easy to use thanks to its intuitive layout and modern graphics. The 13.2-inch touch screen makes reading text easily, while higher trims integrate speedometer and tachometer functions into one digital display. A row of shortcut icons on the bottom of the screen makes switching menus effortless; plus, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility ensure an exceptional driving experience.

Ford MyColour ambient interior lighting offers an easy way to personalize the cabin, featuring color changing LEDs that illuminate different parts of the cockpit and cabin. Choose a pre-programmed theme which automatically cycles through several hues for a unique look.

As with any Ford vehicle, the Mustang GTB is an absolute delight to drive. The Coyote V8 delivers its signature blend of creamy response and raspy top end sound; and its manual transmission offers smooth shifts when driving around town or freeways at speed. Although fun for short bursts down the road, the Mustang is also comfortable over longer journeys and adept at handling winding roads and tricky routes.

As an added benefit, the Mustang features standard driver assistance technology such as automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring. We conducted extensive tests with these systems and they work effectively; however, lane keeping was unreliable, often moving back and forth between lane markers; nevertheless, this safety equipment adds value to an already impressive list of desirable features.

Fuel Efficiency

Mustang owners appreciate that its focus on performance results in higher fuel consumption than some other models; its V8 engine and high-performance equipment contribute to this, though many owners find the exhilarating driving experience and power outweigh any compromises in fuel economy. If efficiency is key to you, smaller engine variants may offer better efficiency over performance.

The Mustang EcoBoost model stands out as being most fuel-efficient, with an EPA-estimated 22 city/33 highway fuel efficiency rating. Meanwhile, its counterpart the regular GT also manages an impressive 19/25 rating in city and highway driving conditions respectively. Finally, Mustang Dark Horse models were the least concerned about efficiency: only 14 miles city/23 miles highway ratings were achieved.

Mustang GT owners can often increase fuel economy by decreasing acceleration and engine rpm, maintaining constant speed and using premium gasoline. Some drivers find that driving with their windows down on highways helps increase efficiency by decreasing drag caused by wind resistance.

Mustang GT owners frequently report fuel economy figures well in excess of EPA ratings. Drivers who adopt fuel-saving habits and regularly perform maintenance tend to achieve superior fuel consumption than others.

Some may be able to improve their Mustang's fuel efficiency further through modifications, such as tuning its engine or installing a cold air intake or exhaust system. Unfortunately, such modifications could decrease vehicle reliability and decrease its resale value.

If you want to improve the fuel efficiency of your Mustang, consulting with a professional mechanic is highly recommended. He or she can help determine whether any modifications are safe and appropriate, as well as provide recommendations to optimize its performance and mileage. Furthermore, they may suggest the best type of maintenance or reduce overall operating costs, answer any other queries about its efficiency as well as recommend parts and accessories suitable for you as needed. - Follow me on Blogaram

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