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Fast and Furious 7's Lykan Hypersport Is Worth $3.4 Million

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Fast and Furious 7's Lykan Hypersport Is Worth $3.4 Million - 

Fast and Furious 7's Lykan Hypersport Is Worth $3.4 Million

If you watched Furious 7, chances are you saw the Lykan Hypersport double jumping across three skyscrapers. Designed by W Motors as part of its limited edition production and valued at roughly $3.4 million.

It boasts the world's first automobile holographic mid-air display system and exclusive modern seats, while its headlights have 440 embedded diamonds for an added sparkle.

Powered by a 750-horsepower twin-turbocharged engine

W Motors of Lebanon has made waves at the Dubai Auto Show with their first production car: Lykan Hypersport. Dubbed as an Arabian supercar and carrying an eye-watering price tag of $3.4 million - more expensive than LaFerrari or McLaren P1 models - W Motors' debut car has caused quite an uproar at this year's Dubai show.

The Lykan is powered by a RUF twin-turbocharged 3.7-liter flat six engine that produces 750 horsepower and sends that power directly to the rear wheels through a seven-speed sequential transmission system. RUF claims that each Lykan can go from zero to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, reaching 245 miles per hour top speed - every car built is unique down to its owner's specifications - including diamonds and rubies embedded into LED headlights!

Inside this car is plenty of carbon fiber and titanium, and its center console boasts a holographic display for interaction between driver and car systems. Customization includes adding precious jewels such as rubies and sapphires as well as choosing between various leather types for seats - not to mention adding rare gem stones into its bodywork!

No wonder the Lykan Hypersport is so pricey - as one of the fastest and most luxurious cars ever produced it boasts more power than both a Bugatti Veyron and LaFerrari as well as being more costly than both McLaren P1s combined.

The trailer for Furious 7 took things to another level. Beyond featuring regular shots of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, it included an epic action sequence where Dom Toretto flew his Lykan through one skyscraper into another - something the filmmakers accomplished by building an actual flying Lykan in their studios using similar molds as that used in production - before placing it on wires to fly through skyscraper roofs into helicopters above.

It costs $3.4 million

Are you in search of a car worth $3.4 million? Look no further than the Lykan Hypersport, designed and produced in Lebanon natively and currently the third most expensive production car ever made. Boasting titanium LED headlights adorned with 15 carat diamonds set into titanium alloy housings and offering customizable interior design, W Motors claims they only ever produced seven of these unique vehicles!

The company has long been known to craft luxurious cars that cater to the tastes of the elite. When first unveiled in 2013, the Lykan Hypersport was met with some confusion; however, after it featured prominently in Fast and Furious 7, Dominic Toretto drove one through Dubai streets as one of its memorable scenes in one of their movies starring Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto himself! Now this car is up for auction; should you have enough funds, this could be your chance at owning one for yourself.

Though its price may seem steep, some consider the Hypersport to be well worth its investment. Equipped with an incredible twin-turbocharged engine capable of reaching 245 miles per hour and capable of reaching 60mph in less than two seconds. Furthermore, this car also comes adorned with luxury embellishments like rubies and diamonds for even further impactful performance.

W Motors recently came under fire after an anti-Lykan Hypersport video posted by Donut Media went viral on YouTube. Although they quickly pulled down and deleted it from their channel, its damage had already been done.

No matter its critics' remarks, the Hypersport is still an incredible machine. With acceleration from zero to 60 in just 2.8 seconds and top speeds of 245 mph, its construction from carbon fiber, titanium, precious stones like rubies and diamonds make this car truly remarkable. Each owner can customize his/her car according to personal tastes by choosing which adornments fit them best.

It’s featured in Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 features an iconic scene where Lykan Hypersport is launched through UAE skyscrapers by W Motors for this movie scene, done without CGI effects but using one of their 10 stunt cars designed specifically for it. That movie car, currently up for auction via RubiX (physical partner of NFT (non fungible token)), is projected to sell for over half a million dollars.

Dubai-based car manufacturer said their creation is the world's first supercar designed and built in the Middle East, as well as being extremely exclusive: only seven will be made at an estimated total cost of $3.4 million each, more than Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 or Bugatti Veyron!

But the Hypersport is more than just an expensive movie car; it is an impressive performance car as well. Equipped with a 750 horsepower twin turbocharged flat six engine, it can reach top speeds of 245 miles per hour while going from zero to 60 in just 2.8 seconds - more than capable of leaping through two skyscrapers!

If you're thinking about purchasing the Hypersport, now may be the time to begin saving money. Even the base model with its less powerful flat-six engine and no gold-plated roof costs more than the Porsche 911 Turbo S. If you're determined to buy this car, add extras such as diamond-encrusted headlights or gold-plated dashboard. Furthermore, personalize its interior by adding rubies sapphires or emeralds.

The movie car's National Financing Team auction will run through May 14 and the winning bidder will receive both the physical and digital content associated with it. This marks a first for RubiX; Nithin Palavalli believes this marks a turning point in NFT auctions, becoming more commonly used as an asset class to buy and trade exotic cars like this one in future - similar to how video game and sports teams' NFT auctions have already seen great success using similar systems.

It’s a movie car

W Motors of Middle East achieved international renown thanks to the Lykan Hypersport's role in Universal Studios' Fast and Furious franchise, premiering at Super Bowl XLIX last weekend. Vin Diesel stars as Dom Toretto who crashes through Dubai skyscrapers. Paul Walker makes appearances, there is gunfire, fistfights and fast cars galore; most spectacular is when the film's hero car (Lykan Hypersport) flies out of one skyscraper to another (itself!). Director used real model during shooting!

RubiX will auction off one of 10 Lykan HyperSport stunt cars built for production from this movie as a non-fungible token (NFT). Nithin Palavalli, CEO of RubiX said this sale of both physical and digital items together is unprecedented.

At $3.4 million, any car that costs that much must be an exceptional performer - and Lykan Hypersport fits that mold perfectly. Boasting a powerful twin-turbocharged flat six Porsche engine producing 750 horsepower, it can propel it from zero to 60 in an astonishing 2.8 seconds, reaching top speeds of 245 miles per hour. Furthermore, this carbon fiber body vehicle comes equipped with diamond-encrusted LED headlights and gold stitched interior; buyers may choose to add additional precious jewels like rubies sapphires and emeralds into its design as desired by buyers themselves.

Due to its steep price point, the Lykan Hypersport stands out amongst other cars as being among the world's most exclusive vehicles. Only seven will ever be built and each buyer will receive an embedded plate on the roof of their car showing the sequence number and delivery date as well as a limited-edition Cyrus Klepcys watch from Cyrus Klepcys Watch Co.

Although the Lykan is one of the fastest cars, its price and unique design make it difficult for it to compete with other luxury vehicles such as Mercedes SLS AMG which can achieve similar speeds but costs significantly less than half as much. However, due to its advanced augmented reality technology and unique display systems it offers owners control of music using gestures.

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