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The Toyota GT86 Coupe Reconnects You With Driving

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The Toyota GT86 Coupe Reconnects You With Driving -

Toyota GT86 cars stand out in a sea of acronym-laden vehicles by providing drivers with an experience they won't forget: low slung front wheel drive cars equipped with boxer engines and skinny tyres that take you back to what driving truly means.

The car's 197bhp, responsive steering and perfectly balanced chassis make for thrilling cornering experience. Even on motorways, nailing the throttle and hearing its boxer engine sing can be rewarding!


Toyota's GR86 coupe stands out as an affordable sports car option that's enjoyable to own and run, yet small enough for everyday driving. Its low cost and easy driving dynamics make it an excellent way to hone performance driving skills at autocross or track days; yet some have noted its lack of power.

With the GR86, Toyota has addressed this problem by increasing output from their 2.0-litre, naturally aspirated four-cylinder boxer engine from 180bhp and 184lb-ft of torque to 224bhp - an impressive increase over its predecessor that doesn't result in noise or buzziness.

As well as receiving more power, the GR86 has also been improved to handle better. The suspension has been modified with upgraded MacPherson struts at the front and double wishbones at the rear; tire choice has also been changed from low-rolling resistance Michelin Primacy rubber to more secure Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires for improved gripping ability and better handling overall. As a result, sideways steering remains easy but feels even more secure than ever!

The standard GT86 comes well equipped for its price, featuring 2-zone climate control, keyless entry/start, cruise control and automatic LED headlights as standard features. Pro, Orange and Blue Editions were later released, featuring heated Alcantara seats as well as more premium infotainment systems.

Toyota has done an admirable job at keeping the GR86 fuel efficient despite increasing power. Thanks to its lightweight construction, this fuel efficiency boasts impressive highway mpg of 31 while city mileage still makes for more than acceptable performance at 27mpg.

If you're searching for a used GR86, the best place to begin your search is our listings website. There you will find information on all of our available models - pictures and prices included - which you can then take a closer look at with one of our expert consultants before giving us a call for a test drive and to finalize and arrange financing arrangements.


The GT86 is one of those rare cars that makes driving enjoyable even at modest speeds. Lightweight, 50:50 weight distribution and agile chassis combine to make this car fun and easy-to-control - especially sideways! Plus its communicative steering features a small diameter wheel! Toyota engineers intentionally designed this car with more manageable steering geometry and responsive brakes that don't grab. Furthermore, its skinny tyres don't offer as much grip compared with those found on its more powerful rivals - this decision highlights accessibility and emphasizes its ancestor's 'have-a-go' spirit.

Your two-litre flat-four engine demands hard work, yet still sounds amazing. The six-speed manual gearbox is smooth and precise. Additionally, its chassis's torsional rigidity is very high - ideal for track days yet also suitable as daily driver due to being capable of withstanding bumps and ruts on British roads.

2020 welcomes a brand new GT86 Hakone Edition into its range, featuring eye-catching green metallic paint and bronze wheels with an interior finished in tan and black synthetic suede for maximum comfort. Additionally, there is now available the TRD Handling package which enhances both braking and handling performance.

The Toyota 86 may not be as practical for families as some of its rivals, with only two rear seats and a small 223-litre trunk that only fits four folded down tyres when collapsed, yet it still makes for an affordable urban ride or weekend trip to the hills or autocross events. However, its fun yet affordable nature make it suitable for urban adventures as well.

Toyota plans on unveiling a GR version of their car in 2021, featuring an updated engine and luxurious interior. While no details have been announced so far, it's expected to be more premium than its current GT86 sibling - probably costing slightly more and entering more into sports coupe and hot hatchback territory than before.


The GR86 may not be the most comfortable car on the market, but that never claimed to be its goal. The front seats are well shaped and supportive for most people, though those with wider hips may feel them pinch a little. Additionally, its ride is firmer than what might be expected from a sports coupe while its suspension provides excellent bump absorption and absorbs road irregularities effectively.

However, driving on bumpy roads may quickly become tiring on longer journeys. Insulation may not always be optimal and wind and road noise may enter the cabin; motorways also feature loud engine rumble that may leave drivers nervously watching their speedometer.

Consider these factors if you intend on using your GT86 for track days or other performance driving activities, as these drives can place undue strain on its components. Seven airbags and an excellent traction control should help keep you safe, while ISOFIX child seat mounts in the back should ensure extra peace of mind.

Euro NCAP may not have tested this car, but you can be assured of its quality build and design with Toyota behind you. While there may be some cheaper-feeling plastic components inside, overall its feel should stand up well under regular usage.

If you're searching for an economical yet enjoyable sports coupe, the Toyota 86 cannot be beat. Come experience it yourself at 1488 W Ogden Ave in Naperville! Reach out today to set up a test drive or for any inquiries you might have; our staff would be more than happy to assist with whatever they can.


Toyota's entry into the affordable sports car market was met with great excitement by enthusiasts. Its simple design, light chassis and affordable price tag set it apart from other performance coupes; even though its straight line performance could never rival Mercedes AMG C63 S or BMW M4, its agile nature and skinny tires delivered an exhilarating driving experience.

The Toyota 86 stands out as an enjoyable vehicle to drive with its front engine, rear wheel drive layout and 50:50 weight distribution, its compact dimensions making it easy to get in and out. Its small steering wheel feels direct and precise while its responsive and impeccably balanced chassis provides a rewarding drive under power - perfect for beginners as well as experienced drivers alike. It truly can be enjoyed by everyone!

As with other cars of its ilk, pushing the Toyota 86 to its limits under power can cause it to lose grip and become unpredictable. However, due to its powerful yet efficient Toyota boxer engine and skinny tyres balancing out well at higher speeds than most comparable cars can manage, driving it at its limits remains enjoyable and satisfying.

The standard GT86 comes equipped with an impressive array of advanced driver aids, such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. Furthermore, you can switch into Track mode, which loosens stability and traction controls so you can take full control when the road gets twisty.

Its cabin is uncomplicated and well-organised, with all controls readily within reach. Its low driving position provides comfortable long drives while plenty of windows make visibility easy. Road noise may become an issue at higher speeds but most drivers will accept that as part of its charm.

The GT86 stands out in today's world of SUVs and mass-market models as an exception. Toyota allowed owners to customize it through performance, handling, and styling upgrades - creating an ideal platform for creating a true driver's car experience on road or track alike! Plus, its price makes it accessible enough for any avid enthusiast.

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