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The New Tesla Roadster is Finally Coming

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The New Tesla Roadster is Finally Coming - 
The New Tesla Roadster

The New Tesla Roadster is Finally Coming

Elon Musk tweeted several times in 2018 regarding an upgrade option package for the Roadster that featured 10 small rocket thrusters to improve acceleration, top speed, braking, and cornering.

The electric sports car was intended to reach 60 mph in less than one second - an astounding achievement even for a street legal two-seater vehicle.

Status Update

Wait for Tesla's next-gen Roadster may soon come to an end. Elon Musk recently took to his X social media platform and shared some updates regarding this project, claiming that production design for this car has been completed and will be revealed sometime this year, ready for shipment by 2025.

Musk released some astounding performance statistics for his Roadster, which is described as a collaboration with SpaceX According to him, it will have the capability of going from zero to 60mph in just one second thanks to technology borrowed from their rocket-making division; additional impressive stats include quarter mile times of 8.8 seconds and top speeds that exceed 250 mph.

The new model will reportedly feature a retractable glass roof that tucks away into its trunk when not needed, four seats, and an interior designed to exude sportiness with features such as steering wheel-mounted touchscreen infotainment systems and instrument clusters behind them. Leather upholstery might also be available along with heated seat options.

Musk has announced that the car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than 1.9 seconds, thanks to three electric motors and an advanced battery pack. He added that 0 to 60 time was only part of the story.

An exciting piece of information regarding Tesla is that its new models will feature several innovations inspired by rocketry. For instance, its maker is said to be working on an optional SpaceX option which would add "10 small rocket thrusters arranged seamlessly around the car for improved acceleration, top speed, braking & cornering".

If you are considering the purchase of a Tesla Roadster, be sure to put yourself on their reservation list as soon as possible. According to their website, 1000 Founder Series Launch models will be made available starting this year at an approximate starting price of $200,000. Deposits are fully refundable.

Do you think there will be enough demand for a four-seat, high performance EV with these specifications? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Jay Ramey was exposed to exotic European cars at an early age, yet was always drawn towards more adventurous options rather than dependability. Since 2013 he has been covering Autoweek.


Are You Dreaming of Owning a Tesla Roadster? Chances are high if you are an ardent Tesla fan, chances are high that at some point or another you have fantasized about owning one of Tesla's legendary electric sports car: the Roadster hasn't hit stores for several years but may return soon with changes to Tesla's product portfolio and new designs from them both - more about that here.

Elon Musk announced via a series of tweets that the production design for his new Roadster car is complete and hinted at a special option package that may add rocket thrusters from SpaceX as an add-on. According to Musk, these will improve acceleration, top speed, braking and cornering; and may even allow for short distance flying capabilities!

The original Roadster is legendary for its performance, and its 2025 version should follow suit. According to original specifications, it was claimed to accelerate from zero to sixty in just 1.9 seconds, complete a quarter mile in 8.8 seconds and reach 250 mph - impressive numbers indeed; although more recent production car records set by Model S Plaid come close.

Uncertain of its exact source, it can be assumed that the new Roadster will utilize both motors and an all-wheel drive system, with at least 200 kWh capacity batteries providing power for its speedy acceleration as well as cargo carrying capacities.

On the inside, we anticipate an infotainment system with video display screen for real-time monitoring of estimated range, power generated, and barrels of oil saved. There may also be visual entertainment apps designed to keep passengers entertained while traveling in their car.

Standard features should also include an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, Spotify integration and safety systems such as blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts. Customers will have access to Tesla's basic Autopilot system; for additional autonomous capabilities customers must pay extra.


When the Tesla Roadster debuted on the market in 2008, it revolutionized how people perceived electric car performance. Based on Lotus Elise technology, its sleek yet fast performance provided up to 245 mile range per single charge; making the Roadster an iconic icon and helping spur global EV development efforts.

The second-generation Roadster promises to be even more exciting, according to Musk's claims that it can accelerate from zero-60 in less than one second and cover the quarter-mile in 8.8 seconds - an unbelievable speed advantage over any sports car currently on sale today.

The new Roadster should also offer greater comfort than its predecessor. Seats have been reshaped and padded for improved support; sound insulation has also been upgraded, creating a quieter and relaxing ride experience; plus there will be an upgraded infotainment system with larger touchscreen interface to boost functionality.

Tesla will offer basic Autopilot for free on their new Roadster, while more advanced self-driving features will require payment. They have not indicated whether this feature can autonomously navigate highways and city streets but it is likely available.

Drivers will be able to navigate their vehicle using either the steering wheel or tablet-style touchscreen display, with real-time information displayed such as driving range estimates, power generated and saved barrels of oil.

Acceleration wise, the new Roadster will reach a top speed of 250 miles per hour by using both instant torque and regenerative braking from its electric motor to achieve this impressive achievement. Furthermore, it utilizes a single-speed transmission in order to reach these impressive performance figures.

As with other Tesla models, the Roadster can be charged in around three hours at home or public charging stations, and will also come equipped with a faster Supercharger option to add up to 150 miles of range in 30 minutes.


Tesla has long delayed the release of their Roadster car, prompting many to question if or when they will ever see production begin. If production does go ahead however, we anticipate it being extremely costly; its predecessor cost $100,000 when first released back in 2021; therefore if anything, its sequel should cost even more.

Many other electric cars already achieve the performance Tesla promised with its original Roadster concept, so it will be interesting to see how the Roadster compares against them. Lucid Motors' Air Grand Touring boasts over 250-mile range and can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in less than three seconds, for instance.

The new Roadster should boast both a sleek design and powerful drivetrain. Assuming it will be all-electric with two motors powering each axle, Tesla could add another rear motor for improved acceleration - considering this car can reach over 250mph, it should provide plenty of competition to other luxury cars on the road today.

On the inside, the new Roadster will feature four seats and a removable glass roof that can be stored away in its trunk. In addition to having four seats, its minimalist interior layout will include the latest version of Tesla's advanced touchscreen infotainment system found currently in Model X Plaid and soon Cybertruck models.

Tesla claims that their new Roadster can accelerate from zero to sixty mph in less than 1.9 seconds and cover a quarter mile in 8.8 seconds thanks to its advanced high-performance battery pack's advanced ability to efficiently manage and distribute large amounts of electrical energy quickly and safely.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee has long expressed frustration about Tesla's numerous delays of their Roadster project, yet it appears they may finally be ready to get it underway again. A series of tweets by Elon Musk indicated that when sold commercially next year it will have sub-1 second 0-60 times and promised its final design would be unveiled by year's end.

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